Sasa Custard Mochi
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A Japanese confectionery (frozen) with strawberry-flavored custard cream wrapped in tsutsumi and wagashi.
Wrapped around bamboo leaves one by one, it looks elegant and has a refreshing aroma and taste.1
Product Details
Product name Sasa custard (strawberry)
raw materials Strawberry filling (reduced starch syrup, shortening, sugar, etc.), sugar, agar, processed starch, trehalose, sorbit, enzyme, glycine, emulsifier, thickening polysaccharide, fragrance, phosphate (Na), acidulant, colorant ( Red koji)  
Allergen notation Some of the ingredients include eggs, milk and soybeans.
Internal capacity 375g (25g x 15 pieces)
Preservation method Store at -18 ° C or below.
How to eat Please thaw naturally and enjoy as it is.
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